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Wands )Comment here if you want to plot anything with Jorgen, Cosmo[personal profile] oddfairy , Wanda [personal profile] wishingpink  , ping one of those journals or comment here, for wand stealing since that would give that person world hopping powers, or have any questions on FOP concepts.
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Jorgen knew something was not right and his senses where correct when he saw some adult female was standing next to him in Fairy World. The pinkest place you've ever seen. It's almost like a place you would see if you just took a whiff of something. Pink fluffy clouds and a rainbow bridge and millions of tiny, compared to Jorgen (who is human sized), Fairy Godparents swarming in this town atop a cloud like a society and there are stars up above you. Strange how you're in space but you can still breath. Must be magic ~

Though Fairy World was connected to a magical mulituniverse Von Strangle was going analyze this first. After all, can't just go easing memories of other's who don't belong in this universe. At least whoever this is, it's not Mr. Crazy. Though too bad it's not Mr. Crazy. Von Strangle would had enjoyed crushing his bones and mind wiping the man.
However, first things first he's going to try and use his bulging biceps to undo that string. That seems to be holding them together.

"My mighty muscles why do they do nuthin to break da string?!"

Dun dun dun! It's almost like that evil butterfly...
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Jorgen appears in an atomic poof in Godric's Hollow. Now, where was Gellert Grindelwald? Outside of the cockyness, which Jorgen could not stand, the over sized fairy had other things to pick a bone with Gellert. Mainly, pertaining to Fairy World's number one enemy, Crocker. What better why to resolve things then with a magic fight?

"Where is he?"
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Von Strangle was wrapping up his rounds for the day when he ~magically~ finds himself in - Paris? And in his white suit with ripped sleeves? "Oh darn it!" Had he forgotten a romantic date with his lady? Jorgen better play like he hadn't forgotten this date or there wouldn't be any 'fun' afterwards.
Von Strangle, whom measures about six feet or a bit more stood like a soldier, pulling out the chair for his lady... or so he thought. Interestingly, enough Jorgen didn't have his big glowing friend with him or his wand. Despite the crown floating above his head, Jorgen comes across as 'normal' and not a fairy.
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[During the event Jorgen can be seen all over the Disney parks. Searching for Cosmo]

(Feel free to bump into him \o\)
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[See Jorgen. He is yanking on a piece of string that is attached to his pinky finger. He seems gently amused by it and see how much he can yak it. It is not as good as rope for his Fairy amusement but it is still amusing to yak]
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Cut for size )
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I, Jorgen Von Strangle, toughest Fairy in the Universe, DO NOT LIKE THESE VIRUSES!

This last one almost could had caused this universe to IMPLORED ON ITSELF!

What was this place thinking turning that crazy fairy obsessed INTO A FAIRY!?

I can only be glad that Mr. Crocker was ironically trapped in his own invention!

However, I have had it up to HERE with this place messing with my universe and drawing the lines so dangerously close to disaster!

And since I don't know the cause I need to go PUNCH SOMETHING!

(For the record Crocker CANNOT see anything Jorgen has up, however Jorgen can see what Mr.Crocker is up too ~ And I dont know why but the Fairies call Crocker crazy as well. Don't ask logic!)

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Sep. 14th, 2010 08:56 pm
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I do not like these viruses when they take me away from my world. Dis is the second time this has happened! What if da universe falls apart while I am gone?!

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Jul. 21st, 2010 04:33 pm
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This community is giving me a headache. Taking me away from my own universe to play a game of laser tag. AND THEY WHERE NOT EVEN REAL WEAPONS!

At least my teammates where skilled like fine warriors to take commands.
However, they did not take commands.

My muscular muscles and I, are just happy that the universe emergency alarm did not go off in my absence.

(Baccccck dated to the Laser Tag ^^)
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How can this be? When where those idiots fairy napped by that crazy fairy obsessed teacher and his butterfly nets of DEATH!

Must I do everything around here?! High alert! This is not a drill! SCRAMBLE THE FAIRIES!

(Jorgen hasn't gotten the idea that Crocker's in his own AU bubble yet)
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[Jorgen Von Strangle was very sad. Of course, this wasn't the Jorgen Von Strangle, toughest Fairy in the universe, this was Jorgen Von Strangle, the baby. Apparenly, the other Fairy Godparents in Fairy World, seemed to think this baby, looked an awful like Jorgen but only, they couldn't figure out where Von Strangle was. Not only that but also, didn't know how to care for a Fairy Baby. The last Fairy Baby hadn't been born, or rather wished for, for over 10,000 years ago and had been very deadly. Luckly, for Jorgen, if he had manage to somehow poof down to Earth, the Crazy Hunting Fairy Teacher, wasn't only not there, when he had been there, but also had regressed back to a time before Denzel had gone insane. Baby Von Strangle, waited anxiously, for the someone that said would take care of him, in the pink sparkly clouds of Fairy World.]

(And here's the ref guide :3)
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(Part 3 of 4 and don't even try to make logic how this is being posted)

[Video starts on a cactus, that you would swear is staring at you unblinking. A random human walks by, and stands not noticing the catcus with the eyes. Suddenly, one of the Anti Fairies, poofs near the human, waves it's wand, and out of nowhere a Black Cat is crossing that person's path. Moments later, a wrecking ball falls on the random person. The catcus, poofs into Jorgen who screams and points his wand at the Anti Fairy]


[Turning the Anti Fairy into an Fairy icicle. Grabbing that Anti Fairy and traumatic, atomic poofing.

The scene changes to what appears to be the inside of a prison, where more of these blue Fairies are behind glass. The Frozen Fairy is put inside with the rest as there's cartoon implies of Von Strangle beating the snot out of all of them.

There! That is the last one! There will be no more bad luck on Earth. Now, to figure out who pushed da button and set these Anti Fairies free!
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This is not funny anymore. This is very serious. EIGHT DAYS OF CHRISTMAS!
If he doesn't do something... This world will be stuck on Christmas FOREVER!

If this gets fixed, there is going to be a new rule!

No more wishing for Christmas everyday!
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What was with that?

I was gone from Fairy World for FOUR DAYS, thinking I was P.E. couch in another universe.

I am amazed that this universe is still here!

You! Status on the Big Dipper! You! Status on the Little Dipper!

You! Status on Anti - Fairies!

You! Status on the Pixies!

You! Status on the Big Wand, it is almost Christmas!

Now, now, now!


(Still taking any back tagging from any threads from before, and I srs don't mind the slowness)
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[The Gym is magically transformed. Von Strangle is wearing his green spandex.]
"Alright, you wussies. It all comes down to this!"

[Jorgen next to a high drive]

"First, you will climb this 20 story high drive, and plunge into the shark infested water, into the Olympic sized swimming pool. From there, you will grab a salt shaker off this table, and you will run from the man eatting tigers, WITHOUT SPILLING THE SALT!
Then, you will climb into the Texas Cage Match against a Fire Breathing Dragon!

Now, for the Da Rules. Survive!
You are allowed to use magic if you can.
The less I have to help you, the better your grade.

Any Questions?!" [Eyeing his students.]

(Feel free to NPC, the sharks, tigers and Dragon. Jorgen will 'pop' by, if your character can't handle it and will help. Example, turn the tigers into kittens or wrestle the tiger. Depending how close he is how close the person is to getting pounded. Also, this all goes away after the Final is over.)
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I suppose I ought to make use of this online journal.

That virus that happened, was very dangerous.

I was trapped with the whiniest human, with five fingers, EVER! I had to zip her mouth shut. Literally! I don't want to hear her voice for the rest of my infinite life.

Then gave Mr.Crocker his memories back, there is no other magic could had possibly reversed mine. Least, that I am aware of.

At least now, everything is back to normal and most importantly, I was able to stabilize Fairy World before it fell out of the sky.

I only hope these viruses don’t strike again, during this coming Friday.
That would be a very BAD thing.

It is also a good thing I have found this place before Cosmo or The Anti Fairies have.
I can only image the catastrophic effects had I not.

Mmmm, which reminds me. I should probably tell this place about the Anti – Fairies should that happen.

And that little boy, Canon. I am still debating whether he is miserable enough.

(Backdated post from the Grab Bag Virus >.> and someone needs to show him how to make things private and Jen mun, he kept his word, he did take her home after the virus was over :))
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